Learning Communities: Taking eLearning to the Next Level! 

29.07.19 03:47 PM Comment(s)

In today’s training environment it’s not simply enough to deliver training in traditional formats. The power of technology, along with the help of social networking, has created a platform for learners to take advantage of what is commonly known as Social Learning.


Studies have shown the power in collaborative learning. But we’ve always known that, right?

The old “two heads are better than one” saying has always been true, and Social Learning has the potential to expand that truth exponentially.


Here’s where this concept of collaborative learning really changes all preconceived ideas about education. Learning Communities take the idea of Social Learning to the next level by facilitating collaboration beyond the four walls of your business or school. Being aware of how peers view a subject is valuable in determining their strategies and approach to understanding. Correspondingly, when the reverse is applied, training blossoms with the power of working together. Not only does this confirm that collaboration is a key player in successful learning, but it can also be determined that our traditional model of education may not be as important as we once thought.


At Elightment Inc, we believe in helping to change the world one community at a time. We’ve mastered the approach to Learning Communities and are actively participating in and facilitating many of these today.


We’d love to get your feedback as well – because after all, that’s what Community is all about!


Stay tuned as we expand on this topic in the coming weeks!


Also, feel free to check out some of the Communities we facilitate. You can even join today to become part of one! 

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