Hiring an Instructional Designer

17.07.19 02:20 PM Comment(s)

What Should You Look For When Hiring an Instructional Designer?

As the e-learning market continues to grow, so does the need for instructional design services. Unfortunately, in the midst of this high demand, it is difficult to decide who is the right person, team, or company to hire. Many instructional designers boast to meet the needs of customers for a low price, even if it is considerably lower than what is needed to complete the project. Too often this leaves you with inadequate content with infrequent or no updates. Keeping this in mind, here are the top two things to consider when searching for a high-quality instructional designer:


1)  ADA Compliance- If you have to explain what this is to an instructional designer, then back out now. All courses developed today should be recognized as compliant with the American Disabilities Act. If not, you could face legal ramifications. When searching for an instructional designer, consider the following components to make sure their course designs aren’t going to get you sued: HTML5 compatible, screen reader accessible, alt text for images, not using color to convey meaning, and voice over or narration services available. A quality instructional designer should be well versed in all of these criterion and more. It is their job to make accessible courses that meet the needs of ALL learners.


2)  Gamification-This is a hot buzz word that has been thrown around the industry for years. Sadly, very rarely is it implemented correctly. Often an instructional designer will claim to add gamification to a course, but in actuality, the final product is just quiz questions copied and pasted into a cheap knock-off of a Jeopardy board. Real authentic gamification should include adaptive learning, leveling up, rewards, and opportunities for the instructor to measure learning while it is happening, not after.


E-Learning is in high demand, sadly enabling the marketplace to become oversaturated with false promises from unqualified candidates hoping you are too blinded by a ‘too good to be true’ price to notice their lack of knowledge, experience, and qualifications. If you are looking for high-quality course development from certified and experienced instructional designers, please click here to learn more. Remember to check back often as we have exciting new content being added every week! 


Remember, good course development isn’t cheap and cheap course development isn’t good. 

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